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Nicky-B's blog Date: 03/01/2011 - 10:42am

DJ Nick Burke here and welcome to my blog for the 1Q2011. Our discussion for this quarter is to elaborate on what you get for your money. Everyone has a budget and nearly everyone will go over that budget to get what they want, if they want it bad enough.

OK, so you've called or emailed for a price quote for our services BUT, all you wanted to know is "How much do you charge?" Did you realize that you failed to mention some very important facts when you asked that question. Don't forget to state important items like the date, start time, end time and the location where your event will be held. Then you might also include items like how many guests will be attending and are you expecting the ceremony to be included or any extras such as decorative lighting, videos etc.

You might ask yourself, "why do those things matter?" Besides answering the obvious availablility question for date and times, the location affects a DJ's travel time to and from plus setup/teardown time required to do the job properly.

The number of guests permits us to better estimate how much sound system will be needed. There's nothing worse than a DJ who has to push his system so hard that it's distorted and unintelligible. If the ceremony is to be included, will it be at the same location or should a second system be required. And if you're planning on videos and lighting, will there be sufficient power available to run all the extra gear needed for those options. Remember the DJ is not the only one who'll be using power; you've got the caterer, photographer, videographer and maybe even decorative lighting. All this comes into play and goes critical when planning an outdoor tent ceremony and reception.

OK, so you asked me "How much do you charge for a 4 hr reception at some local catering facility on a specific date?" I'm available and it'll cost you $800 to which you respond "WHY SO MUCH? I can get so and so DJ's for half that!" Think hard now ... Is so and so DJs a full time DJ service, a part time DJ service or a hobbyist? Do they carry liability insurance? Is their music library legit or illegally downloaded from Napster, Limewire etc? Will they be using professional grade gear? Will they be formally attired at my wedding and are they gonna demand a meal? Are they affiliated with other professionals in the business and what if for some health reason, they can't make it? What's their backup plan? What if their sound system goes up in smoke in the middle of my reception? Will I even get to meet with them face to face prior to my special day or will they fly by the seat of their pants as you hope and pray all will go smoothly?

It's all those things that separate one DJ from another .... SERVICE, especially after the sale. In my humble opinion, the mobile DJ industry still lacks much of the respect that other careers share but hopefully, one really good DJ at a time, the public's overall attitude will be swayed and come to realize the important part a DJ can play in the overall success of an event. Next time you get a price that sounds expensive, remember there is most likely a reason it seems that high.